Friday, June 15, 2007

Bugs Bunny

Ta da !!!!! Presenting you my favorite cartoon character
Buggs Bunny ---- eee....What's up doc????
I am sure most of us head this phrase, if not here's a heads up this is the famous one liner of the world famous Looney Toon character "BUGS BUNNY"!!!!
One should really watch this cartoon guys, just awesome!!! Just as Walt Disney characters have their merchandise lined up, i really want to have a collection of this character (Caps, T-shirts, Watches, etc). Eagerly waiting to have one soon.
More of my favorite cartoons are in the pipe line.. hence stay tuned.....

1 comment:

Rupa said...

Cartoons are such a relief compared to these crap movies.....I love tom and jerry, garfield , hadn't watched much of bugs bunny...............