Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wrom Wroom Wrrrooooooommmmm

Yes!! you got it right. Carzzz guys!!!
I am passionate about all the cars. It's like my madness towards them, I like this car suddenly some other car passes by and I am like in awe of it... dam man.. i hate it when I cant afford to buy... I guess I am asking for too much... There are many a cars that I am passionate about.. but "Dodge Viper" one of my favorites.

Man she is a beauty... awesome pickup ..thanks for the excellent horse power.
The Viper SRT10's hood features gill-like vents on either side of the central scoop. Forged aluminum wheels in three styles they measure 18 inches in front and 19 inches in back. Five new colors are available, including Snake skin Green and Viper Violet.The two-person cabin carries are spacious. The aggressively bolstered bucket seats are covered in leather with suede inserts, and the instrument panel is dominated by a large white-faced tachometer. A CD stereo is standard, and on the practical side the coupe has about 14.7 cubic feet of cargo room (the roadster has 8.4 cubic feet). With all this, the safety is also given the top most priority and the safety features include all-disc antilock Brembo brakes and adjustable pedals.All said.. it's a
beauty up to the grabs!!!!

And to give you guys a Tit bit (for layman's about this car)
This is the same car which Abhishek Bachhan uses in the movie "Bluffmaster" (ofcourse an older version) But, God! this beauty is just too good to resist.

Lucky are the people who have this pleasure of riding them... (this statement is from car passionate point of view) oooh... man..too good

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Rupa said...

Its just a matter of time, you can soon own one too , I mean a car. Dont worry.