Monday, December 31, 2007

Welcome 008 and bye bye 007

007 hmm.. that's interesting.
I love the phrase 007 and needless to say why. It may sound wired but every since I knew about James Bond and stuff... I always used to call myself one.. Bond or rather 007.

The year 007 is about to pass by and the Fat lady 008 is about to make its Fat Presence.
It has got nothing to do with numbers but yeah, there is some thing about this 007.... if you look down the year...


January - 5th my 25th B'day (2+5 = 7 )
February - 7th my Dad's B'day
- 17th my parents wedding anniversary ( it was 27 th anniversary )
- 13th my sister & brother-in-laws 2nd anniversary
- 27th my better half's or should I say my lovely wifes 25th B'day (again 2+5 =7 )

March -20th my sisters 27th B'day (again 7)

April - 7 th went to Shiridi (again 7)

August -25th Our marriage Day (Again 2+5=7)

May - June - July -September - October- November- December (again 7 months)
(till July the story was different from September the story is again different)

Gosh! can you believe how many 7's we got his year.
7 number played a huge role this year.

I have every reason for saying this.
Call me Bond James Bond.

I am sure I might have missed on many other 7's.
Until the new year.. it's me Bond signing off.... to report to his Boss "R"

Love you "R"

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Rupa said...

Quite a "Seven-o-logy" ....very informative....and cute one...and very creative....