Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Eu - re- ka!!! ( I have started writing (S)crap...)

Kick start....
Frankly I have been trying hard to kick myself since quite some time to scribble some (s)crap so that I can boast myself for trying out some thing new. I am a very poor writer (100%) Which I am sure the reader must have found it out.But, I shall not give it up!!! I will write write and write even if the comments are horrible and beg me to stop writing. :)
I am basically an orator, yeah you read that right ( though most of the time what I speek is non-sense) but yeah have this confidence inside me that I can talk in front of any one. Pheww... that was quite some Blog for the start off.. more of this non sense will be comming. Hence stay tuned

1 comment:

Rupa said...

Thats nice. Started writing. And who told you write bad. thats pretty good. Keep going on, buddy, you have audience in me. :)